Claudia Livilla

The sparkling dress Claudia Livilla would be just perfect for a truly strong, assertive, sometimes a little bit insolent, but still undeniably sophisticated woman. Inspired by the rich history and culture of Ancient Rome we named this dress after the sister of the Roman Emperor Claudius. The girl was renowned for her beauty and charm, which helped to consolidate the position of the entire dynasty. It is no exaggeration to say that this dress is a pure masterpiece, created with the masterly use of hand embroidery which scatters glimmering beads and paillettes over the delicate fabric painting its unique dazzling style. The long sleeves and demurely covered front part of the dress add a subtly imperious manner to the entire image, whereas the low-cut back of the dress brings a few notes of daring and allure. The crowning element of the dress, like the final chord of the melodious song, is the skirt which falls down lingering in the copious rich train, composed of the thinnest fabric and genuine feathers that are floating in the air. This ethereal combination creates the illusion of sea foam and makes the dress even more luxurious.