The dress Cornelia is a vivid illustration of unsurpassed beauty and tenderness. This pearl of the new luxury collection embodies the reflective image of an awe-inspiring muse. A sweet-sounding name Cornelia belonged to one noble Roman woman, the mother of the Gracchus brothers, who was well-known for her wisdom and rare intelligence. This name is associated with pure love, care and devotion of mothers, who consider their children to be their most precious jewels. This concept highlights the delicacy of the designer’s creation. The fabric seems to be woven of the thinnest gleaming rays of the sun. The fastidiously designed beaded decoration is sprinkled over the top, the loose-fitting elegant sleeves and the floating skirt. It creates the light and fresh image, so breathtaking and desirable. This dress can be compared to a poem which is so profound that can move the soul and pull at the heartstrings of a fragile bride-to-be. Being the happy owner of this opulence is a dream come true.