Giulia Domna

The gorgeous dress Giulia Domna creates a noble and exquisite image which undoubtedly deserves sincere admiration. It resembles a modern and daring interpretation of the best gown of an empress. Magnificence and sophistication are noticeable in every line and thread. The selected name belonged to the wife of the Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus. This woman was fond of philosophy and mysticism, so, maybe because of that her destiny was full of mysterious twists and bends. The finest strings of the delicate embroidery slide down the translucent fabric like the threads of a woman’s destiny. The graceful elegance of this image is accentuated with the help of the enticing slits which can be spotted up the side and on the back. These subtleties reveal fleeting glimpses of soft flawless skin and add the special romantic charm to the silhouette. The lush train makes the dress even more resplendent and impressive. This masterful creation will help its owner to feel carefree, jolly and unforgettably stunning.