Livia Drusilla

The unblemished airlike image created by the gorgeous dress Livia Drusilla can be compared to a soft powder-pink haze which gently envelops a sleepy flowery garden. The multi-layered skirt seems to be so light, almost weightless and its tenderness vividly accentuates the exquisite design of the top which is meticulously adorned with the fragile lace petals. This unique combination of the finest material presents the graceful and stunning look. Although the style of this creation cannot be regarded as demure, it appears impressively sensitive and frail because of the exposed shoulders. Genuine opulence and subtlety are closely intertwined in the dress bearing the name of the wife of the Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus. This impeccable dress will definitely help its owner to feel ravishing and radiant like a jewel, glittering and deserving of sheer admiration.