Lucilla is one more awe-inspiring creation that vividly illustrates the ideal look of a proud, charismatic and undeniably dignified woman. This sparkling masterpiece received the name of a real empress, the wife of Lucius Verus. The elegance of the dress is brightened up with the eye-catching playful details such as the revealed décolletage and the daringly opened back. It goes without saying that these elements bring the notes of allure, insolence and even vanity. The tender threads of hand embroidery stream down the filmy fabric resembling sparkling splashes of expensive champagne. The dainty flowery appliqués, scattered over the sleeves and skirt, make this design absolutely magnificent. This dress undoubtedly deserves the attention of a genuine fashion connoisseur who is used to sophistication and sheer luxury and would gladly wear this dress to relish a few fascinated gazes.