Ottavia Minore

The dress Ottavia Minore is a true embodiment of opulence, grace and feminine charm. This dazzling image is intricately composed of a million of tiny glittering paillettes that gush all over the fabric like the streams of the magnificent fountains of the Eternal City. This dress doesn’t need any additional complicated elements of the cut because the classically elegant silhouette and the rich fabric are those indispensible attributes that make this creation complete and unsurpassed. Still you can’t but notice the breathtaking adornment of the top where the tempting low-cut bodice and the exposed back of the dress are crowned with the fastidious embroidery with tender pearls. The carefully selected material turns into a marvellous duet of fabric and décor which is bound to catch the demanding eye and move the gentle soul of a beauty who is in search of her perfect wedding dress.