Porcia Cattonis

The dress Porcia Cattonis is one more true jewel of the new collection that epitomizes pure genius in its simplicity. It was named after a noble and brave woman whose father was the representative of the political elite of Ancient Rome. According to some historical evidence preserved in numerous books about that grand era this name symbolises a fearless and adamant woman. The dress visualises rather a prudent and reflective image and, although this prim style is slightly enlivened with the enticingly cut top part, it still highlights the innocence of dreamy youth. The exposed décolletage and back of this model are decorated with a thin delicate line of sparkling beads and the same beaded line accentuates the slender waistline. The luxury of this image is spotted in the copious fabric of the skirt cascading down from the waist and lingering in the shape of the elegant train. We didn’t burden the dress with a bewildering variety of possible decorations leaving in it a note of lovely mystery. This dress is like a pretty face, a beauty doesn’t necessarily need her make-up to look gorgeous because sometimes the twinkle of her ravishing eyes is just enough.